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Recently, the 2014 "fortune" 500 strong list America fresh, compared with last year, a total of 30 new companies list this year, including the Coach brand sales in recent American Chinese. "The originator of Coach light and the recently described as" the good performance, but also can not be ignored and another is the strong rise of the light luxury brand Michael Kors. According to the introduction, in 2013 rose five luxury listing Corporation, Michael Kors is the only light luxury Michael kors factory outlet brand, and in 22 luxury market value of listing Corporation overall ranking, Michael Kors is a $16500000000 ranks in the old luxury brand in eighth. The personage inside course of study points out, with Coach and Michael Kors as the representative of the light and the brand is strong rise abruptly, and have their best time in the China development.

First, according to the Coach in 2014 second quarter financial results, although the global sales were down 1% and 6%, but the total sales growth Chinese area are as high as 35% and 25%, the critical moment, China market became Coach to ease the pressure of straw. Light the luxury brand Coach in Chinese consumer market awareness is the highest, but Michael Kors has recently started to force in Chinese market. Data shows, Michael Kors in the North American market accounted for more than 90%, the market is more mature, and the market capacity is far greater than the North American Chinese market, Michael Kors has apparently been aware of the importance of it, to Li Dakang for the Greater China area CEO not only dug from the DIOR, but in order to win the Chinese consumers favor, also invited Chinese supermodel and Chinese star to participate in their field.

In addition to Coach and Michael Kors showed strong growth momentum, American other light luxury brand Kate Spade has good performance. According to the 2013 third quarter financial results, Kate Spade sales than the same period last year rose 76.4% to $179700000. Thus, light and brands are strong rise, represented by Coach light luxury brand was able to China popular there are many reasons, in addition to michael kors outlet handbags their own efforts, a lot of the Chinese shop, take the initiative to do outside the market, is to occupy a favorable external factors and michael kors diaper bag a very important reason.

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